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Our MOD Story

Ministry of Door was started in 2012 as an online door supplier and had expanded into manufacturing of good quality and beautiful aluminium home products ranging from bathroom doors to kitchen cabinet doors. Recently, she has also extend her product line into wooden doors for bedroom and main doors and even metal gate so as to provide consumer a one stop solution when buying door product for their home.

Aluminium door has always been regarded as a cold metal in the eye of many people. Through Ministry of Door, we give them a brand new life by integrating it with stylish designed panels and transforming them into many vibrant and useful products which you can  own them like a state of art design in your home. 

Our Vision

​To provide a high quality, beautiful and eco-friendly products to all home owners​​ in Singapore


​Our Goal

​To continuously provide a high quality and long-lasting products at affordable pricing to meet your needs.


Our Company Core Values


​The Four M.I.N.I  Core Values


Modesty - Showing humbleness in our talents, abilities, and values no matter how good we are while showing acceptance of advices and responsibilities when we've made a mistake.


Integrity – Acting and Earning in an honest and trustful manner.


Never - Never sell for short-term profit, Neglecting long-term values and worthiness.


Innovation – Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change and improve exisiting user-experience.

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