Toilet Door Eco Series and Enlasting Series

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Bifold Door King


Introducing: aluminium door with stainless steel bearing

All our aluminium doors come with stainless ball bearings to ensure durabilty and smoothness of sliding.

We understand that a door is no longer just a door for basic security. We design and personalise it into a piece of art for your home.


Come in En-Lasting & Eco Series

Aluminium Folding Door

  1. Bifold Door
  2. Suspended Folding Door
  3. Multi-Folding Door

ALuminium Sliding Door

  1. Anti-Jump Sliding Door
  2. Suspended Sliding Door
  3. Top Hung Sliding

ALuminium  Swing Door 

Introducing: aluminium kitchen cabinet and doors

Aluminium Cabinet

  1. Bifold Door
  2. Sliding Door
  3. Swing Door

Peeling laminates? Rotten wood?Termites infestation?

We understand that you've been searching for solutions to resolve the problems which traditional wooden cabinet gives you. With our aluminium kitchen cabinet, you don't have to worry about washing and drippings in your kitchen anymore.

Come in En-Lasting & Eco Series

Coming Soon!

Bathroom Vanity

Introducing: shower enclosure

We also provide shower enclousure in various designs, styles and materials such as polyglass, polystyrene, ACP and Acrylic. We are sure that there will be one that will meet your budget and personality​.

Come in En-Lasting & Eco Series